Efficient office floor arrangement on ca. 2,000 sqm gross floor
area levels with flexible location of toilets and kitchen points.
Full height glass façade with openable windows.
Highest quality materials and outstanding design solutions.
Electrically operated blinds with individual control.
Energy saving lighting system with individual illuminance control.
Advanced BMS and modern telecommunication / IT systems.
Full air conditioning with humidity control.
Smoke and fire detection systems with effective fire fighting sprinkler system based on high pressure (water mist).
High performance acoustic insulation suspended ceilings.
Access control with integrated CCTV.
Raised floors with integrated power and IT distribution system.
Complimentary amenities including restaurant, café, conference center and fitness center.
Clear Office Height of 2.9m
Remotely controlled LCD panels for integrated adjustment of lighting, HVAC and window blinds
Min. 3-meter width VIP parking places
High grade acoustic and thermal insulated 3-pane 2-chamber windows
300 bicycles parking, changing rooms, lockers, toilets and showers
BREEAM certification aimed for Excellent.